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With Replay Primagaz has found a way to communicate internal news across locations. Replay also lets the drivers keep up with news and activities when they visit the different locations.  

"Replay is highly userfriendly."
Claus Heine
IT Manager, Primagaz
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"I quickly realized that this was what I had been searching for. An application that can help us convey a lot of information to our users"
Morten Magni
DGI Huset Vejle
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DGI Huset Vejle

By using Replay the activity centre DGI Huset Vejle can guide their thousands of users to the right sports halls. They also use the screens for announcing upcoming events.

"Replay makes it easy to create digital signage and we can control when and where our messages are shown on our many screens."
Helene N. Bech

How Replay can help you

This Nordic gas supplier is able to reach their blue collar workers with internal news and safety measures, that they would otherwise miss
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DGI Huset Vejle
This large sports and activity center in Jutland utilizes Replay for helping all their visitors navigate to the right sports halls. The screens also show upcoming events that visitors can attend.
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Hjørring Kommune
This Danish municipality uses Replay for internal news but also to guide visitors in their local centers and city hall
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